Can I do this? Just Wondering

Hello there

  1. What do you want to achieve? I saw this great lobby in the toolbox for a game, but I feel like I shouldnt use it because someone might hate me for it. Dont judge me, I am just making a fix so I can replace it

  2. What is the issue? I feel like someone doesnt want me to use it

  3. What solutions have you thought of so far? None really, I tried to make one myself, but I cannot build very well like it, considering the time I had. I can use another one, but it looks weird

the lobby itself

if you can give an answer without criticizing me for using free models, I would like that

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Nothing wrong with using free models, unless your entire game is made up of them. Just make sure to go through the routine “check for viruses” thing.

Free models aren’t entirely bad to use unless they contain viruses. If there are any scripts inside of the model, just check to see if they have any viruses. If you are just going to strictly use the lobby building in the model, you could delete any scripts if you’re worried about it.

Beware the possibility that it was stolen from the original creator and publicly leaked. Finding an entire lobby sounds suspicious. You’d be at fault if the original creator issues a DMCA takedown


I always check for viruses, Its not a concern


Alright, I am very paraniod about that, it is really nicel made and it has this derby racing thing on it

In the end, I will not use the lobby

Yeah, that Lobby looks almost exactly like the one from Car Crushers 2. (Judging from the model’s page.)

I just checked it right now and it’s eerily similair
So the model is stolen?

Thank you for telling me

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