Can I even support a map with terrain this big?

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I’m making a game that could resemble games like DayZ and PUBG. In this game I’m working on a new map-- using smooth terrain.

I’ve heightmapped and imported, but I’ve come to the conclusion that waiting 2 minutes to load 65 million voxels is a little much. It’s something like 20k x 20k studs in size, filled with terrain (no water). I’m realling wanting to do a massive epic map like true battle royale games, but the loading time’s are insane. Aside from the time it takes to receive these voxels from the server, I have no problems.

Does anyone have any advice for this problem, other than downsizing my terrain?
Also I am not considering using streaming enabled at the moment

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maybe you make detail of the map first then you can do the terrain

Would it be possible to have the map in another place and teleport players there when you want to run the game? You could have matchmaking and a queue, then reserve a place and teleport everyone who is in the queue to it.

Yea I think that’s a great solution he could do it like Eviction Notice.

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You can change your edit level quality when you are in studio to reduce the lag when you develop the game in studio

File > Settings > Rendering > Edit Studio Quality to 5 or 10

And to decrease the lag and optimize when a player plays it use Streaming Enabled

Workspace | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

Yes I know you cannot use streaming enabled but this is the only solution to your problem

Otherwise you can use different game places as suggested by @MrLonely1221 but still the lag will be immense for the player and players with average devices will crash immediately