Can I get banned for having a social credit system in my game?

Hello, so im making a meme fighting game. I think it would be funny if I made a social credit system. So if you have 1k social credits your weapons will become stronger. If you kill someone you get 10 social credit. If you die you lose 10 social credit. Can I get banned for this?


I don’t see why you would get banned for this, but I don’t really know.

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It’s possible you could be banned. Taken from the Roblox community standards:

  1. Real-World Tragic Events
    Roblox prohibits content that recreates specific real-world tragic events; mocks the victims of such events; supports, glorifies, or promotes the perpetrators; or capitalizes on these events for commercial purposes. Real world tragic events include:
  • Mass shootings and domestic terrorism
  • Specific, real world, natural disaster events
  • Human or civil rights violations

As such, implementing a system in reference to a real-world dictatorship could very well be considered a violation of the TOS.


What if i just name it credits instead of social credit, can i get banned for that?

Credits is probably fine. That sounds like a pretty common point/currency name, so I doubt it would seem related to China.

Will it be fine if I do the same thing I said above? Where your weapons become stronger if you have 1k credits. Will that be fine?

Sounds fine to me. You could avoid it if you really want to be careful, but personally, I wouldn’t be concerned.

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Oh, I didn’t know social credits were anything related to China. I thought he just made them up. That explains why he was asking if he would get banned.

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You could change it from credits to Karma, easy to understand and often apart of all cultures in some way or form. Plus a lot of games use similar systems while using the name Karma.

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I agree, but I reckon it would be opposite so if you killed someone, you’d have karma subtracted.