Can I get some advice on my Uis

Here it is
Made the Guis and scripts for my friends game just rate it out of 10 and gimme some advice
And tell me what else should I add.
Make sure you test everything

Greetings, shahkiller212.

Firstly, some GUIs are not aligned properly. I think you may have created this with a screen of a different size to mine. This is what happens for me:

On the image above, I cannot select “RoShield” or “Options”.

Secondly, I think the GUI should be tweened. When the main menu opens up, buttons should slide upwards.

I think you should avoid using the loading screen too many times just to load a specific menu. I think it is necessary just to have it when the player has just joined the server.

Im re-doing it today and what do you mean yours? I literally became a skid and big pasted the discord UI lmao

From your post, I pretty much don’t like the UI. For example,
You should add a layer outside of it, a dark layer. Making it comfortable.
Not enough space? The “Edit” button is touching the boundary already, I’m sure that there is enough space for you.
Contrast issue
Do not ever use dark icons on dark background. It is hard to see.
Not aligned.
Move this to the bottom.

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Alignment is a huge thing I think you should work on to improve your UI. The buttons and images, such as the Traits and Edit buttons feel very choked on the right side since they’re so close to the border. I recommend you set a pixel deadzone on the inside perimeter to that the content can’t get that close. After that I would just re-position everything and adjust the alignment. Other than that, great UI!

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