Can I glue the two pieces like motor6D but without motor6D

I want the Orientation value of this selected object to stay constant and not move, just like WeldConstraint does, but I want to be able to change the Orientation value as I want, just like Motor6D, and tween will not be used,
I think I want a type of WeldConstraint whose Orientation value can be changed, I think I can’t use Motor6D for this, because Motor6D will only work in animations, by the way, I want the rotated object to be connected to this red dot, and red dot connected to his back object

and I want this can be done more than once from the same object
If there is a way to do this with animation, there may be good for me, but character animations do not use this red part, I want to use like the red part too…

What about a normal Weld?

but how I can make a animation with just using normal Weld and Code? I mean like sword swang animation, I think not impossible but so hard, I’m looking for an easier way, maybe we can make a script system for “animation editor” can be made to animate it, but how?

I know you don’t want to use Motor6Ds, but they do have C0 and C1 offset properties.

Normal Weld also has C0 and C1 offset features and how does Motor6D differ when used alone like Normal Weld?

Ah, I thought you said something about animation.
If you meant animating a weld itself I suppose you could just tween its C0 and C1 values.

I am talking about animation but didn’t animation system using something like TweenService?
I can use tween but can I make sword swing animation with just use TweenService?
Could this replace animation? Or is it a lousy copy? and can we make an editor with it that makes it easy to animate?