Can I have feedback on this game I made with my friend called Weapon Test

Hello I want some feedback on this game made by me and my friend crazyboy_npf
The link is Weapon Test (Update) - Roblox
Thx and have a nice day

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Good Game! Just add a bit more color to the UI.

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nice game! smoke grenades are not supposed to explode. they supposed to throw smoke (they explode first, then throw smok)


What I highly suggest is,

You can possibly make the map more fitting for the design it’s going for,
UI’s should also be fixed and atleast be more designed.

Intermission is way to long so I suggest trying to make it about, 40-60 second’s long enough so it doesn’t take a while for the player’s to wait in there for 2 minutes, it’d make the player’s bored and want to leave.

But other than that It’s looking pretty good!
Keep it up! :wink:

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Which map do u mean because there are multiple maps?

As in the lobby, sorry for not making it more clear!

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