Can I hear peoples opinions on my chat gui thing that I just made?

hello earthlings, i just made a chat gui thinga ma-jig and i want to hear peoples opinions on it.



(Yes, I know the text is hard to read but I didn’t know what colour to put it in!)

My eyes are really clenching trying to see that text

The background looks good, but the text o h g e e z what happened

You should definitely change the text color so that it’s more exposed & easy to see try configuring around with the text stroke colors perhaps? I do also see that 1 random circle in the middle overlapping the TextGui so you might wanna change the Order/Zindex they go in


A bit better, still kinda a bit hard to read

Think about it from the people’s perspective; It needs to be viewed & read easily for the entire server to see so that they’re not 2-3 inches away from the screen trying to read what every player says in the chat

Just experiment around, and see what results you’ll get & pick the best one you can find

I’d recommend making the text white, as this makes it easier to read and it also fits with the colour as well. Other than that, this a good gui.

Maybe make the box a tiny bit bigger and the circles a tiny bit smaller or move the right circle a tiny bit to the right. I would also make the text a tiny bit whiter or different from the background as it would be easier to see.

Adding onto @KFiesh first comment, the first image is a little hard to read. Maybe you could adjust the color a little maybe like to white as It would be more easier to read, this is just my opinion on what you should/could do to the text.

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I saw that already, I just wanted to talk about the first picture he put of the text being purple and unreadable.

Much better this looks pretty good.

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