Can I make Roblox inside of Roblox?

Would It be banable if I make roblox version inside of roblox lol. Like do I need make disclaimers and everything, Like I’m planning make roblox copy inside of a roblox game, I know sounds crazy and all but would I get banned for it, Is there things i should not add? or do? I know I need to filter the chat and add a disclaimer atleast. please give me feedback. Also it’s being renamed so not going to be called roblox exactly and retheme to.


If you’re making a system that acts like Roblox in a Roblox game, but without using Roblox IP then of course it’s fine.

You may want to change your title to “Am I allowed to make Roblox inside Roblox?” as it currently has no connection to your actual question.


This is perfectly fine. Super Nostalgia Zone is literally Roblox in Roblox.

And to address what @Kymaraaa said, nobody will fault you for using Roblox IP like “robux” or the Roblox logo. Plenty of plugins use altered versions of the Roblox logo.


Are you making like a hub and different games on the thing but on ROBLOX?

You should be perfectly fine, as many plugins and products use the Roblox logo or a parody/spoof of the logo.

But I am very interested in what you mean by “creating Roblox in Roblox”, please do exsplain.

Answer for your questions

So about this players create there own game. So they basiclly only build and then its uploaded to are games category in are games game. Yes I know it’s confusing. I’m wondering if were allowed to use logos, etc.


You can but use lua and but to make IBE (integrated Development Environment) you must use Java and C++.

Not at all. Lua is powerful enough to make a system like this. Blockate is a good example.

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Yeah, I agree. If CloneTrooper1019 could make a recreation of Roblox in 2007 - 2009 this is possible.

its not because Roblox used Java and C++ to make roblox and Java is the best language to learn because you can do more things. Fortnite was made by Java, GTA 5 was made by Java so how can you say lua is powerful enough if lua ain’t even in the top 10 best languages?

Blockate is made with Lua plus play Bloxburg and it’s all Lua. Also let’s stop arguing because I don’t want to flood this post.

Huh? Fortnite is made in C++ and C++ blueprints. Why do you think Fortnite is written in Java?


Fortnite was not made in Java, nor was GTA 5? GTA 5 uses RAGE, which was made with C++ and some other languages. Where are you getting your information from?


It is possible to recreate roblox just not with a lot of data, it would be roblox yes but not a lot of games or content compared to roblox, so in a way it’s possible.

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