Can I protect my scripts from exploiters if I parent it to nil?

I came across an issue. A script, that I am using, is a LocalScript that can be tampered by exploiters, I don’t want that, so if I do “script.Parent = nil”, would that mean that they can’t do anything with it? Such as deleting it?

Also, does this make the script not referenceable? That doesn’t matter anyway in this case.

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If you parent it to nil, it stops running, effectively rendering it useless. Even if that wasn’t the case, exploiters have functions to get instances parented to nil.

Everything you stated is correct, but the script never stops running when you parent it to nil or destroy it.

You can’t do anything about exploiters taking local scripts and they only run when they are in the character or player. Just make sure you have the right server scripts in place to stop a player from exploiting, dont do this on the client