Can I see Server Script Service In game?

I know some extensions, that you can see Everything (without Server Script Service) In game like Dex…
Can I see Server Script Service with other extensions?

As said in this:

If FilteringEnabled is Enabled, then the ServerScriptStorage isn’t replicated to the client, so their isn’t probably a way. Unless there was a malicious script in your game, that might be doing something like this.

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That’s incorrect entirely.
For starters, this thread pertains to exploiting and is not something to be posted here.
Second to this response, ServerScriptService is not replicated to the client at all.


When I am testing these things, I like to open studio and click the play button. Then, if you look in the upper left, it will say “Current: Client”. You will then be able to look around the explorer and see what is not visible to you (the client). And of course, the contents of SeverScriptService are not visible.

Note that FilteringEnabled is no longer optional. Also, I would say this is an appropriate topic for this category.

some good info here


ServerStorage and ServerScriptService cannot by accessed by the client as their bytecode is never sent to them. The services are visible, however anything within it is never replicated to the client.


This is not an appropriate topic to discuss.