Can I sell my bots premium features for Robux?

Hello Devforum users!

I am the creator of a Discord bot called “RoTax”. This bot has a variety of uses from calculating Roblox tax to playing music with your friends.

Recently, I had the idea of adding premium features to the bot that you could buy for Robux. Am I allowed to sell these premium features for Robux, or would that be breaking the Roblox TOS?


EDIT: I do not want to break any rules, so I will not be doing this.

Obligatory IANAL. Obligatory I am not a Roblox employee or an agent representing them.

If you want to know whether it’s against the Terms of Service or not, then why not read them for yourself? It’s a publicly accessible document and you can find key terms if you use Ctrl + F. If not there, then you can also search through the Community Rules (developers tend to equate these, even though they aren’t the same document and specify different things).

There’s a section dedicated to Robux - Section 4A (Robux and Developer Exchange → Robux); judging from what you’re trying to do, it looks as though Section 4A(3) applies to you in the sense that you’re using Robux as a substitute for real currency to pay for features on your bot. Point b specifies that Robux does not act as a substitute for real currency.

Rules and use of Robux aside, this is a little off topic but your business practices are… kind of weird. These features are already given out either natively for free or through dedicated bots for a specified purpose. I’m talking about a tax calculator (multiply the value of a purchase by 0.7 or just check the You Earn text when configuring the price of an asset on sale) and a music bot (there are free music bots that exist). Just found it curious that you’re making a bot for tools already provided everywhere.

Alright thank you, I was thinking that but just wanted to make sure.