Can I translate post in English into another language?

Spanish is my native language and I am in the Spanish group. I have written some posts in English that I would like to translate into Spanish for my fellow Spanish speakers.

One might say “oh they can use google translate” but it’s not always accurate and if they have questions it would be easier for them to ask.

Basically I am asking if I can translate something I made (a tutorial/resource) originally in English into Spanish.


Why not?

Since you made it, you can do whatever you want with it. Including translate it into other languages.

The only issue that could occur would be if you translated someone else’s post, to do this you should get their permission first.

On another note, if you are concerned that creating the same topic in another language would be spam, just add a drop down with the translation.


As long as you share that in the right category (i.e. Spanish can only go in the Spanish subcategory) there won’t be any issue, especially since you wrote the original content to begin with.