Can I use catalog items made by Roblox?

I know most of you will immediatily think “yes”. However, after telling a friend of mine I would be using the Attack Doge gear on an upcoming project, he told me I could get copyright striken. After checking, the doge meme actually is protected by copyright!

This being said, would I be in danger by using it, despite being a gear made by Roblox itself?

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im not sure, just don’t try it yet

well, if it’s already uploaded to Roblox, you should be fine. However if it got copyrighted, the owner of the gear would get in trouble, not you. Maybe you would be prompted to remove the model, but you aren’t in trouble unless you don’t remove the model.


Developers are allowed to use content that Roblox uploads unless the content in question was uploaded for a partnership with another company. If you think there may be an issue with using an asset that Roblox uploaded then consider not using it to begin with.


More often than not, if it’s uploaded by Roblox and made publicly visible/available, you would be fine using it.

I personally would go as far to say you can use anything you like off the catalog and be 100% fine (if it wasn’t allowed to be there/if it does get striked, you would receive no punishment and the mesh and/or texture would just break since the asset itself would be removed, not your game)

If you’re in any doubt, the safest option is don’t use it/find an alternative.

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