Can I use devforum to prove I own a roblox account?

So recently I was locked out of my account and tried to email roblox support to reset my password, but now they’re saying that I don’t have enough evidence to prove that I own the account. So can I use my account on devforum to prove that I own my own account?

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No I don’t think you can. Main reason is because someone could hack your account and get on the DevForum and use that to verify they own the account. You could always ask Roblox support if they accept this as proof however as they are the only ones who would truly know.

Provide as much proof as possible. I was able to get someone’s account back with no email or phone attached. Not sure if using the devforum will work.


You can use the email or phone number linked to your account.

i don’t trust much about the roblox support as they are sometimes bots, which some of the people’s account couldn’t recover and it didn’t help for them