Can I use game.Loaded to avoid using WaitForChild?


false information

Animus is correct


What’s the problem with doing WaitForChild?


It’s extremely annoying to write “:WaitForChild()” instead if a period for one.

Also it messes up the intellisense.


I setup my variables like so, it doesn’t bother me. Could be personal preference though.


This is unnecessary, you gain nothing from doing this. Cloning is a synchronous operation, meaning that the entire descendant tree from the root will be available once the root is. This means that you only need to wait for the ScreenGui itself if is loaded in from game.StarterGui, and Player.PlayerGui.

Waiting for the GUI’s descendants is pointless. Why add a function call which does nothing meaningful?


Wow, I never knew that. I was told I still had to wait for the descendants even though I have waited for the ancestor. Thanks!!


Whoa. That looks even more painful to type out