Can I use more bones in my animations imported from Blender than R15/S15 Support?

I’m trying to do some animations in Blender, but wondering if someone can give me pointers to having my S15 rig work correctly. I’ve found myself adding shoulder bones, which do not exist in the S15 or R15 specification, but so far I have this:

Will my animation still be importable with the bones I have now? I have all the bones renamed to their corresponding S15/R15 Roblox naming convention, except the two extra shoulder bones, of course.

Should I try to remove the shoulder bones and reparent upper arm bones (keeping offset) to the Upper Torso bone?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I figured it out. Having the extra shoulder bones was no problem.

Just want to clarify this real quick, but S15 rigs are different to R15 rigs, despite the fact they can share the same animations. It’s mind boggling to see that S15 messes up in some places when R15 is perfectly fine.