Can I use my Avatar in my game, even if it has a lot of UGC on it?

Hey, I wanna use my avatar in my game, but there is a problem.

My avatar is filled with UGC items. I did some research and after what I found you need to get permission from the creator to use their UGC in your game, so the question is does this apply to my avatar? Like do I have to reach out to every creator and ask for permission or does this not apply to my avatar?

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You can use your own character in your game but, yea idk about the UGC maybe stick to your conscience.

I’m not quite sure if you need to ask for permission to your your avatar in your game, evem if it has a lot of UGC. I have not looked this up so don’t take my reply for granted, however in my opinion you should be fine. :ok_hand: