Can I weld two GUI together?

Hello, everyone!

I’m trying to weld two different gui together like in the video below. The little icon with 3 lines is always next to the game summary that slides into view. How would I do this?

I was thinking of using run service like this:

   GamesummaryGui.Position = ThreedotGui.Position +, 0, 0, 0)

Would this be the most efficient way to do this? I’m sure that there is an easier way of welding two gui together so I’m writing this post.

Thanks so much!

Edit: If the file I attached is an audio, not a video, then you can go into the original Flood Escape game to see what I’m talking about and clicking on the icon with three lines on the bottom right of the screen.

You’ve posted an audio, not a video.


There is not an easier way. The two best ways are either parenting the welded element to the element you are moving or connecting the element’s position changed event (GetPropertyChangedSignal("Position")) to a function that re-positions the welded element.

There is no video btw so I am not entirely sure what you’re asking.

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That’s weird because I see a video on my end. Sorry for that, I’ll see what I can do!

Edit: Okay, so I think I fixed it but if it’s still an audio for you, I’ll post these pictures and try my best to explain.

The above image is the GUI before I click on the bottom icon with the three lines.

Now this picture is after clicking on the icon with 3 lines. A GUI with the title “Game Summary” tweens from offscreen and the icon with 3 lines stays attached to it.

If you still don’t know why I’m trying to say, you can go into the original Flood Escape and click on the icon with the 3 lines in the bottom right corner. You’ll see what I’m talking about

Don’t know if I am helpful or not but I think putting the guis into a frame and then move the frame might be able to achieve the “weld” effect.

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The GUI is supposed to be an abnormal, non-rectangular, shape after being pressed on, so I can’t put it into a single frame. You can check the image I posted in response to one of the other comments to see what I mean.

Just make sure that the Game summery gui frame’s parent is the menu icon, then just tween the icon itself

That seems like it’ll work, so I’ll try it out later and let you know if it works. Thanks for the help!

Here is an example

Red frame is the child frame



script.Parent.Frame:TweenPosition(, 0,0.227, 0))
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Thanks so much for the clarity and the video! I’m sure this’ll work and that it’s efficient