Can multiple updating ViewportFrames cause performance drops?

Lately I found out a stylish trick with with ViewportFrames that I really want to implement all over my game, the problem is it will require multiple ViewportFrames that are constantly updating

  • I am not updating any part CFrames.
  • All ViewportFrames will update ~10 times a second.
  • At times I could possibly need up to 20 updating ViewportFrames at once.

Before I change lot’s in my game, can someone inform me if this could hurt my games performance?

Update 20 ViewportFrames at once will definitely hurt performance.

The ViewportFrames won’t be static, every one of them will be updating ~10 times a second so I can get the desired effect I am aiming for.

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What about updating the contents of the viewportframe / children? Would that be fine?

No. That will make ViewportFrame update children geometry and redraw everything.
Changing properies of ViewportFrame itself is safer (except size, background color and camera which also requires redraw, it’s still better than updating children because it doesn’t need to update geometry).

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