Can Music Uploaded By Others Cause This?

Hello, recently I have been facing a problem where when I play test my game, I get flooded with these “Failed to load sound: Error Code 46” It doesn’t tell me a specific ID has the issue but just comes up as written in quotes. I was curious, I’m pretty sure my music is not copyrighted so I wanted to ask, can audios upload by other users cause this error? Or should I just ignore it. Also, my music works perfectly fine.

Here are both of the audio ID’s for reference:

rbxassetid://6708227653 - Uploaded by me
rbxassetid://11420933 - Uploaded by someone else

Explanations to why this happens would be highly appreciated.


Same just happened to me, except the music didn’t work…

The following issues may be happening:

  1. The audio may have been copyrighted either from the Roblox Platform or Studio Engine.
  2. The person who uploaded the file did not upload it as a compatible format (.oggs can cause this, the recommended file type is .mp3)
  3. This may be an issue locally with your studio however this may not be the case due to:

Hope that helped.