Can RemoteEvents Lag More On Very Low End Hardware

Alright, so basically I have a third person shooter system that I have created. I was wondering, can RemoveEvents lag out low end hardware users. After a certain period of time after a few RemoteEvents have fired, my game gets extremely laggy when I try shooting that one particular gun that I just used. I am considering getting more powerful hardware then the cheap work laptop that I use currently. Please suggest what I should do.


Are we talking about frame rate or ping here?
If you’re having FPS issues, it’s because you’re running expensive code on the client, not because you’re using remote events.
If you’re having ping issues, it’s because you’re either firing the remote too often and/or you’re sending too much data in it.


No. Source: I run Roblox on a toaster I bought some years back.

Not just that, but RemoteEvents are only meant to transfer data across the network, from one machine to another. The lag you see is the result of networking which is the server’s problem, not your computer. Circumstances can depend on things like the server region since your data may need to travel overseas and/or make a round trip around or its general responsiveness.

It would be more intuitive to review the code behind the remotes and what they are doing. If you are having performance problems, the first diagnosis should be against your code rather than your hardware. A lot of performance issues can be tackled in the code itself.

If your code is optimised, you’ve diagnosed it and all and it shouldn’t be heavy on performance but you continue to lag, only then should you start considering your computer’s specs and possibly upgrading if that’s what you want to do.

So, with that said: could we have some more information about the circumstances of your remotes? What are you using them for and how often? Can we see some code as well? Details like this can help us to help you analyse the code and if there are any performance issues to tackle.