Can RemoteFunctions work on two people in the same time?

Hi, I have problems scripting our Rock, Paper, Scissors game. I made a FNF styled map where you can basically come to the stage and click E to be in the game. I made boolvalues to check if a player is there or not, and the problem is I can’t make the RemoteFunction so it sends the UI to both of these players.

What is the issue exactly?
I can check if two players are in the stage or not, but I can’t make the checking in a function and sending it to the RemoteFunction so the server will send the UI back.

What have I tried?
I checked YouTube videos, DeveloperHub and I haven’t found a solution for it.


I will appreciate every reply as I’m struggling so bad right now.

I’m a little confused about your setup. Could you maybe share some code?

Yeah sure! Here it is.
The place you enter in the stage:

The values I store data in:
Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 09.57.51

About the codes I couldn’t setup anything for the remotefunctions just yet, I just did some code for the values as you see in the top.

You could just invoke it once for each player

Sorry this got outdated. I forgot I could just create playergui in the proximity prompt script lol.