Can someone explain me bidding in the new sponsoring system?

Hey! I tried to use the new ad system recently and still a bit confused about how it’s managing the ad credits. I set my daily budget to about 20 daily and the bid to 0.05.

So this happened almost immediately:

The game hit like 1k players for 15 minutes or so, then dropped back to as it was before I started sponsorship and stayed this way with only a tiny spike the next day.

Did I burn through all my bids in this timeframe or what happened? I set it to “recommended” amount. Is there a way to just see an elevated acquisition when sponsoring instead of whatever this it by tweaking values? New system is really confusing

Most people put it way below the “recommended” amount, so you basically won every auction in the beginning, which drained your budget. Perhaps try 0.03 next time?


Yeah that’s what I suspected. I assume there’s no way to adjust bid after you created the add even if it’s paused?

How much did you set as daily total budget?

20 ad credits a day and set it to run for a week. That’s roughly as much as I used to spend in robux back in the day

That actually sucks for you. You invested 5700 Robux and only got 1000+ players. That’s more than 5 Robux per player. You really should lower the CPM bid. Try 0.2 tomorrow. It’s better to be refunded than wasted in a gambling race.

I do have a question. It seems like the game still had some players even after the spike. Are they from your sponsors or other sources?

Nah, the stats say those are from home recommendations. Sponsored line dropped very sharply after I ran out of budget obviously. I paused that old ad (no idea how to cancel it. The UI is garbage) and made a new one with a low bid. You meant a 0.02 bid not 0.2 right?

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Yes, I am sorry. I did mean 0.02.

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Aight, I’ll try the lower bid and see how it goes. Thanks a lot for clearing some of the confusion :+1:

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Nope, it happened again. It just burned through entire daily budget within 10 minutes on the minimum bid setting this system allows me to set.


The only way to explain this is probably the lack of bidders, which means, perhaps, when you bid, you win often due to a lack of competitors. Thus winning by default. But at least you should have gotten more visits for a smaller budget, no?

As for the solution, there is uh, maybe try classic User Ads or play bid more. You should be happy that you win every auction with only a CPM bid of 0.01.

I guess the new meta is to grind engagement if it’s that easy to get a 1k player spike nowadays.


same thing happened to me, my game got to 1k players in like the first 10 minutes, i did 5 credits a day 0.05 max bid, now its averaging like 2 players the same day