Can someone explain what I am doing wrong when using this ordered data store?


So I am trying to code a leader board which will show the top players. For some reason though my code does not seem to work and is just coming out as an empty table. I am quite confused tbh.



What I am also confused about is I have basicly done the same that are on the docs but just edited it and still does not work.

From the blank table it prints it looks as if nothing has been saved to the orderedDataStore “MaxKillStreak”. Is is possible that you haven’t saved any data yet?
If you have already saved data then maybe send your save script too.

UPDATE: I found the issue. The issue was I forgot datastore and ordered datastores are completely different ones so I was saving it as/in a normal datastore but trying to get the data from a ordered datastore.

(thanks @Lit_skillzYT cuz they made me check the datastore I was using)