Can someone explain why this script doesn't move the NPC?

I want a script that moves an NPC that is spawned in to a certain part.

local Storage = game.ServerStorage
local Character = Storage:FindFirstChild(Char):Clone()
Character.Parent = workspace

The character spawns in but the character does not move.

There are no errors in the output and the character isn’t anchored.

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Hi TyPlays,

Changing “:Move()” to “:MoveTo()” should give you the result you’re looking for.

The two methods are similarly named, but as distinct in behavior.


It didn’t seem to work… Any other suggestions? The rig is R15 too

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Try reading this, they’ve got a script there: Character Pathfinding | Roblox Creator Documentation


Those scripts don’t seem to work even when I get a new NPC with no acesssories or anything. I even put these scripts in a whole new baseplate and they don’t work.

Hi TyPlays,

The tutorial sent by @Scottifly works. It seems like there is some other underlying thing that is preventing your NPC from moving. Would you be willing to share a screenshot of your setup?

Please also check your character’s WalkSpeed to make sure it isn’t 0.

Lastly, if you are getting your NPC to move to a GoalPart directly below itself, it will stay in place.

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Where is your script located, is it a local or server script, and does it actually reference the Clone of the NPC or the original?