Can someone help me create an Inverse kinematics?

He tried to create a Inverse kinematics to connect the torso with the camera, but I do not have it very controlled.

The problem is that I do not have much experience with CFrame and it’s hard for me to calculate.

Try searching from the forum I found results, but I do not understand how it work.
(Sorry for my english)

I think you’re very loosely using the term inverse kinematics…

Inverse kinematics is a very specific kind of math used for specific things. What does inverse kinematics have to do with the torso and camera? If you’re looking for something that mimics dynamicism in terms of player movement translated to camera movement, might i recommend using a spring?

@EgoMoose made a very helpful video on inverse kinematics a few years ago that should help you at least generally understand what it is: