Can someone help me save a tool I bought?

Hi I’m a new developer and I’m want to ask how to create a shop but I want a tool you bought to save it and load it
Thank for any help :]

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Hi vojta1587, welcome to the DevForums!

With regards to your issue needing help to create a shop, it would be appreciated if you could try and work on some code yourself before turning to the developer forums.

As stated in About Scripting Support:

You can easily find some tutorials on the developer hub or by searching for them on sites such as YouTube.

Im trying todo but its doesnt work

Please share the script you are using so we can better help you.

Okay, please wait for im send you image

Okey when im you send the image im want say you im beginer in scripting thank you help me

Oh sorry my error soory for this is topic