Can someone help with this lag issue?

We started work on our new map yesterday, only to realise as we added more how the lag was affecting us.

I’m not sure what would cause this, because I’ve made larger maps with more detail before. If anyone could help us that would be great. No free models, images, or meshes have been used.

It appears there is like 200 trees in the corner that may be causing all of the lag.


You need to provide your memory use stats (F9 in game - not in Studio), if we are to help you properly.

Ignore anyone’s advice until you do - there’s a lot of misconceptions floating around, and nobody can accurately help you without seeing the full picture.


The lag was there before the trees, and they’re part of the game. This is an unfinished map.

I’ll check that now, and come back to you

The memory used is 389 MB.

(Sorry I have to type this to get past the character limit)

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Go in game, and use your PC’s Snipping Tool to take a picture of the Memory Use stats like this, ensure you scroll down to PlaceMemory, so we can see the breakdown of how memory is allocated. A single number doesn’t help us.

For example, we need all of these stats:


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Your place memory is only 114mb, so your map absolutely is not the issue. You should check on any scripts or your own PC for performance problems.

All I can say is that I highly doubt it’s the map.


Unfortunately I can’t script, so I’ll have to check with the scripter I’m working with. I’m not sure how he’ll react though, people can become defensive when told something they’ve done is causing a problem

Roblox is having trouble with lagging in studio and stuff if you diddn’t know.

It might not be the map as @FlamingGuards said above. Roblox Studio is lagging for everyone right now.

I never said it was the map, I was the one that said roblox is lagging for everyone…

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Does studio freeze for you as well?
I mean like if it doesn’t allow you to do anything and the screen turns transparent white.

Yeah it does actually. It freezes constantly. My Wifi and PC are decent though and Studio always worked before, so I don’t think it would be that

Right oops. Misread. I meant to say that in my own words.

Yea, I gotta agree it is very annoying. I hope Roblox finds a solution to this issue.

I think Roblox has been having quite a few issues lately. Has anyone else got the message popping up saying ‘Roblox is experiencing issues, we’re trying to fix it?’ (something like that).

I don’t think I received that message saying that.

Oof worrying lol. A couple of friends got the message too though, so I don’t think I should be too concerned

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