Can someone play my game and give me a review of it?

Hello! I am making a “PLS Donate” style game, and I want some people to come review it! The Game.
Once you’ve played please tell me how you like it!
Notes: I will be adding more features soon! I will make a Obby / game system later on! I will change the icon and thumbnail soon; I’m trying to hire someone to make them

I’d give an honest rating but like… what is there to say about these games?

There’s so many and their all mostly the same. You should try making a more original game since I believe you have a good potential.


The music doesn’t load so it’s very quiet, I really couldn’t test much being the only person there, but it seemed like you followed the formula for those kinds of games well. The radius of the walkway could be a little longer imo, the number of stalls made it felt cramped compared to how little walking space there is and how much extra space is left in the background.

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Yes, It is very quiet the audio update deleted the background music, im looking for new music to add in

It’s good! maybe add some entertainment center

really not much to say about it. it’s the same as all the other ones; nothing unique, nothing better, and nothing worse.

See I would review it but the

completely threw me off. You don’t really need to make a donation game to get donations. Just make a game and work hard on it and then add donations somewhere on the map and I bet you people would be more interested in donating (and might actually do it) than if its just a basic PLS Donate game


I would say add some minigames as most of the map is empty but as @hopeshusbvnd has said you could just make a cool game with a donation place or something.

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