Can Someone Please Provide **GOOD** GFX Tutorials?

Can someone please make a good tutorial for making GFXs? Or at least send a link to a good GFX tutorial? I’ve looked all over the DevForum and YouTube, and so far all the tutorials I’ve seen either don’t make much sense or assume I’m already an expert with Blender. Most tutorials about using blender and making GFXs usually go like “put your avatar into Blender, press these buttons, then do this and ur done!” and when I go to do it, I’m like “well how do I do that?”. Can someone pls provide good, beginer friendly tutorials?
Thanks in advance.

Anyways I just wasted 'bout an hour of my life following one tutorial that ended up not working right and making my avatar GFX look all weird.

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Any tutorial on YouTube or devforum is good. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m a beginner at Blender. All the tutorials I’ve seen are like “press this button and open this window” and then I go into Blender, and the button is MIA and the tutorial provides NO explination on why they have the button and I don’t or how to find the button or what menu to go to or anything.

What version of blender do you have?

Version 2.8

Edit: I actually have 2.79a, just checked.

Why do people use Blender? It seems like a way over complicated app for something as simple as a GFX.


Ah you changed it to 2.79; here;

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They use Blender because it’s good quality and gives the best results.

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What exactly are you looking for?

There are a lot of types of Graphic Effects - motion graphics, lighting, particles
You should probably learn the basics of blender before learning vfx or gfx

Yeah I plan on making a tutorial on how to make gfx like this soon so I will keep you in mind lol.

GFX - I think it stands for Graphic Effects

Here are some versions that helped me in previous years,

here’s the new version of Blender:

C4D Version:

(I learned how to make gfxs with this one)

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I highly suggest learning at least some of Blender before jumping in to making things. Blender Guru has a great channel and lots of beginner tutorials which you can find here.

Not a GFX designer myself but from what I heard Roblox specific rendering tuturials aren’t exactly the best try learn general rendering to build up fully immersive scenes within blender itself.Goodluck :+1:

Instead of focusing on only making a Roblox GFX, learn the basics of Blender.
This will safe you a lot of time on the long run.
There is a big difference between learning a program and clicking buttons because the video told me to do so.

And it’s a non-profit organization! :slight_smile:

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