Can someone tell me why my game got so many dislikes

This is my game and it got so many dislikes so can someone help me ?


The game has a good scary athmosphere. But you should make it possible to be zoomed in, as that gives the game a more scary feel. Also, you should fix the create match option, it doesn’t seem to work. (Maybe you haven’t implemented it yet.) The “lobby” map and it’s effects is well made. The GUI may need some work, I don’t really know. The dislikes probaly come from the things that doesn’t work, or some other stuff, I’m not sure. Keep in mind that this is my opinion, this isn’t something bad, this is just what I think. Overall it’s good.

Well, it IS kind of laggy, for mobile

I also noticed a green GUI on the bottom of the screen, what is that for.

Tip: maybe make a sprint button?

As I was playing through Chapter 1 of your game, I found a bug. You cannot pick up the key that is necessary to unlock the farmhouse. This bug could be the cause of some of the dislikes.

Here is a video:


I’ll drop a like to your game and I’ll check if the bug happens to me as well. The key glitch is more worse, anyways I’m 15, so I should be able not to jump at those jumpscares, well I’ll play it in 1st of July.


you need to click on chapter 1

you forgot to click “G” for the inventory

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the sprint button has been made and is like the circle with an arrow and I think I forgot to mention

Why do I have to create a game? There were six people in the game when I joined. How are the other players supposed to know if a game has been created?

The teleport did not work on the first click.

One issue is that…
A lot of people feel courageous, but once they actually get to the scary part they’ll be traumatized.
So the point is, more actions, less horror.
More parkour/moving, less puzzle.
That’s what most players can accept.


Oh I thought that was the jump thing