Can someone try out my game SpaceWars?

Hello, I’m sorry if this isn’t allowed, but can someone look at my game? (I’m new)
If noone is there, please invite your friends.
It is a minigame server.
You can earn gems by winning games and by licking things up, and there are trail shops in CTF, Turfwars, and SpaceIsland Rocketbattle.
I am the leader of SpaceWars CTF Team

please submit gamemode choosing to a vote, it’s absolutely horrendous of having to navigate from server to server, that applies to both the playerbase and you the coder

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I think this game will take a bit of playing around with before it’s ready for release. I played CTF and Turf Wars and it was easy for me to tell that they were modified from Roblox templates, which does not give the game a very professional look. I’d suggest either rewriting those modes’ engines or modifying the aesthetic of the templates (UI, buildings, map layout) to better blend them in with your own style. That way, those minigames will feel more like they belong to the main game.

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I modified the maps heavily. I made CTF a castle wars style game and it has 2 flags and is a 8v8. TurfWars has bigger map and a sniping post at the back and brave players can cross a narrow bridge into the enemy side!

would it be good if i managed to show the ammount of players in each minigame?

Also, can some peeps look at it some more? I recently added dogfights and gem hunter. Disabled laser gun friendly fire. Added laser gun to rocketbattle. Modified blaster battle

Game is a 2/10. The tutorial ui is misaligned in mobile. It also shouldn’t teleport me to a separate place too. Also, the round system is just the free capture the flag one from the template(no issue, just pointing it out). The guns are free models which have terrible mobile support. When moving using the moving ui on mobile, it’ll trigger and shoot. I recommend using context action service to add mobile support. By making the event of the guns fire when the players mouse button 1 clicks, using enum.keycode.mousebutton1(something like that, dont remember it exactly). Then create a mobile button using context action service for mobile for it to shoot in front of the player. Also, the ui doesn’t match. One ui is a space-scifi theme, while another is nice and modern. Which one is it?

With some overall polish, i could see this game going somewhere. Also, dont mind any typos rn, im a bit sick lol

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Hello, thanks for your feedback. The game was born from the CTF template. Although the game IS a minigame server and the people should be teleported to a different place. I should probably show a player count in the sign above, so people can easily join places with actual servers. As for the guns that are free models… Welp, I am a bad scripter so I guess that won’t be fixed any time soon. I should probably make the game computer only. Thanks so much for your feedback! I appreicate it, and will act on your suggestions.

I just made it computer only. :slight_smile:

Ok, good luck. If you have any questions then feel free to shoot me a DM! I have some experience in making weapons work properly on mobile!

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Oh yeah, do you use a computer? And are the effects any good?

I will make the tutorial GUI sci fi.

I do, its just that with me being sick with covidDont worry, i got the vaccine so nothing bad will happen. Just a lil fever., im not really on my pc. But after i will be.

I dont think i saw them.

I hope you recover soon!!! Ok, although the dislike on the game pains my soul lol. In the Lobby, there are several places to buy stuff and I beamed them up VERY hard with effects.

Its fine, just improve the game and you’ll get more likes than dislikes.

Sounds fun. Sad i didn’t see them :frowning:

Thank you!!!

Alright, so now the game is computer only and the UI is DEFINITELY Sci-Fi.
Any tips?

Okay, there is a player count for every place. Rating out of ten please? Please don’t leave a dislike on my game if you don’t like it though.
people might see the ratio and be repelled. If you hate my game, leave some harsh criticism lol.
The game is computer only

I added a return to lobby button.

Added triple gems gamepass.