Can TeleportPartyAsync teleport players to the same server as another group?

So I have a story game, which I want to make players teleport to a server. For this, I used teleportpartyasync. What I am worried about is that a group might be teleported to a server with other players in it. The wiki doesn’t say anything about reserving the server so that no one else can join. I was wondering if this won’t happen, or if this will happen and how to fix it.

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Considering that TeleportPartyAsync doesn’t allow you to specify an instance id, yes this can happen. Public servers are used. The only time a server split happens is if an open instance doesn’t have enough space to fit all users of the teleporting party. The new instance, however, is still public and can be joined through other TeleportPartyAsync or even regular Teleport calls.

If this is enough of a concern for you, switch over to ReserveServer and TeleportToPrivateServer. TeleportToPrivateServer, thankfully enough, supports the ability to teleport a list of users to a reserved server rather than a single player, so it can function like TeleportPartyAsync except with a specified private server. That private server can’t be joined without the access code, which is server-side restricted.

If you want to avoid merging parties, ReserveServer and TeleportToPrivateServer are for you.