Can the client see all the parameters passed through :FireClient()?

Heya developers.
My question is in the title, but I’ll also explain here, imagine this is my server script:

local Remote = game.ReplicatedStorage.Remote

    Remote:FireClient(Player, "lol I don't know what to put here");

and also imagine this is my client-script(localscript)

local Remote = game.ReplicatedStorage.Remote

    -- Here's my question

Can the client read the randomMessage?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Yes, It can read anything that is sent to it.

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Is there a way to prevent that?

No, not really. They will see that message no matter what you try.

Don’t send anything to it?? Wdym

Okay. Thank you for answering, I will do more sanity checks then.