Can This Game Attract The Attention Of Players?

Hello :wave:t3: :wave:t3: this is my first post
I made a game called “Pass The Test” and its a single player horror/survey game.
I didn’t plan to have active people in it, more than that, I target getting visits.
It’s a horror game.
This is the game link : The Test {HORROR} - Roblox

I tried to make it like the player answers the questions and the man behind the messages slowly gets to our home. And I finished it with a calming “Thanks for playing” text.

I don’t want to give much spoiler so you can test the game out.

-Questions- (I suggest you answer after testing the game)
-Should I add anything else?
-Should I add a real jumpscare of a monster or is this good with the way it is?
-Is the game icon and thumbnail good and would it attract people?
-Should the game last longer -it lasts like 3-4 minutes- is it enough?
*Like I said this is my first post, forgive me for any grammar or vocabulary mistakes.

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Just 2 simple suggestions before I play it.
1st, change it’s name to simply “The Test”, or something similar, as “Pass The Test” sounds a bit too funny.
2nd, Instead of using the tags as a tag (which seriously ruins the feel), incoporate the text INTO your description


A few things:
The dot thingie at the middle of my screen is hard to see, make it bigger or have a different color.
Second, the clicking thing doesn’t really react sometimes, fix that.
3rd, the feel of the game aint creepy enough, I suggest working on your lighting.
4th, to make the game feel better, I suggest replacing the funi screen with a better model, such as a TV, a computer, or something like that.
5th, add more things in the room, make it bigger, and add interactables

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Thanks for the suggestions I will be working on it right now.

Oh yeah last thing for people to feel “safe” at the start of the game (in the room), use warm lighting and have that nostalgic but lonely feel like in gas station sim, then slowly transfer to a less bright, more whitish lighting, as that would give a more creepy and lonely feeling

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that sounds good, thank you :DD