Can this game get ban because of this?

Hello there,
today i want to tell you guys on my build. here is the picture

and i tell you this because the building of it it look similar like disney castle! and I’m afraid this game will taken down after i publish this game…
so to avoid any copyright from disney how do i change this build design so that it wont look like disney castle?
if you have any design that you would like to share, I really grapeful!

this topic will be give solution to the people that really help with this problem. (Greateful = Grapeful

thanks for coming and i hope you have a great day!


Simple answer: nothing to be worried about

The Disney castle itself is protected under copyright. That is, the castle or its silhouette exactly how they are presented by Disney are protected. If you made a castle which was a 1-to-1 recreation of the Disney castle, you would be violating the copyright. If you made a castle that wasn’t necessarily 1-to-1 but is obviously trying to imitate it (say, it’s exactly the same but missing 1 spire), you could still land in hot water - but Disney cannot do anything about castle that has vaguely similar features but is obviously not the same thing. It does not own the concept of castles with multiple spires.

You are safe.


thanks for the reply!
and also thanks for helping me out on this because I getting stuck on the same idea over and over again…
thanks again and i hope you have an amazing day!

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