Can this get me banned?

I’ve recently started a small, yet satisfying project.

About it

The game takes place in New York City.

And as you can see, I have included the Twin Towers.

Now, here is what I by far know about having these 2 buildings in a game:
1.No bombing/planes/suicial acts in the game.
2.No disrespectful/memorial acts/signs in the game.

Now, I’ve seen a couple of games that have these 2 towers in their game. Some of them are RP, while the others are Show-Case.

My question:

Why when I try to upload such a game on my group, Roblox removes it. But when I upload it on my profile, it stays there normally?

Also, my game will be a RolePlay, so there are no bombs / planes ,etc.

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Personally I think it is fine as there is nothing innapropriate regarding the attack, however roblox might get picky if the game is actually flagged/reported by a user.

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Well, I don’t really think they should remove a game if there’s nothing wrong there that breaks TOs, as I mentioned - there are many exisiting games containing the twins, and they’re still there.


I mean, if it does get removed you can appeal the action with a decent reply explaining the situation. A real human might review any incorrect action ig.


(Would be helpful to include a short summary in the title so it isn’t clickbaity and people can find out quickly what you’re asking from the title.)

World Trade Center builds are just buildings so generally you should be able to have them in your experience – you aren’t depicting any tragedies involved with them. That being said, we can’t give you an authoritative answer since we aren’t moderation, so I think it might be best to file a question through support or developer relations.

You’re saying this as if that’s not the case. Please let’s not get into the whole “bots run support” thing because they never do. Automation on Roblox doesn’t have the grounds to lay down any decisions regarding moderation and any responses similar to another are canned replies not automation.


I didn’t say bots run support. What I’m saying is that certain content is overlooked/scanned by bots for certain rule breaking content, if it does break rules - it is removed. To my knowledge automated moderation on roblox can only dish out warnings (this may be wrong - I don’t work for roblox, I don’t know), anything more severe would be passed to a human.
If said action is wrong in this situation, as I said, they can appeal it and get it removed if deemed appropriate by the roblox staff dealing with it.

This is knowledge they themselves put out. You don’t have to be staff to find available information. The wording choice here made it seem like you were implying moderation and support is automated so I apologise if that’s a misinterpretation of what you meant to say.

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Tho, I still wonder why when I tried to upload such game to my group -it was taken down.

But when I did the same but that time on my profile - it stayed.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll be saying it again;

If you have to ask, it’s probably not a good idea.

If you feel like it’s risky doing this, than simply do not do it. The two towers are well known for a tragic event, and even the slightest bit of sensitive content might get Roblox to keep a keen eye on your experience resulting in a deletion and most likely a ban followed after.

Though, that doesn’t mean that this could simply not be the case and that you can get away with it, but personally I would substitute the two towers for something different so they do not resemble the said towers in anyway.

If the twin towers being there is gameplay critical, support will have a problem with it. Especially in a roleplay context, you’re going to get an edgy player making awful jokes and references that then gets the game reported for allowing such context to exist in roleplay.
If they aren’t gameplay critical, it would be much safer to just not include them. The proximity of your chosen year to the events that took place on 9/11 would also draw attention – why have players roleplaying so soon before a real-life disaster would take place?

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I mean, there are some exisiting games that contain old new york + roleplay, and thye’re still a thing.

Tho, I still wonder why when I tried to upload such game to my group -it was taken down.

But when I did the same but that time on my profile - it stayed.

Your game is based on real-life, or at least what I believe is.
Historically,the Twin Towers are gone,which makes it even weirder that you added them in.I doubt that there is anything to do with them,but making a game where they are still here is like saying a past action didn’t happen.
Of course you can make whatever you want!
But it feels slightly strange adding them in despite the fact that they shouldn’t be in this setting. (Or perhaps you are going at a time before 2001)

Not necessarily. I just love the twins and think they’re more symbolic than the current one.


You might as well use the new World Trade Center buildings to avoid direct references to 9/11.

Personally I don’t like the new ones, and as I mentioned above,
there are tons of games having the twins, and they are still active.

It is unlikely you will have moderation action against you because of the twin towers since it doesn’t directly break any rules in the ToS. But, a moderator could potentially see it as referencing terrorism or support for terrorism.

7. Terrorism and Violent Extremism Content
Roblox prohibits content or behavior that supports, glorifies, or promotes any terrorist or extremist organization and their actions, including:

  • Depictions of or support for terrorist or extremist attacks or terrorist actors
  • Depictions of or support for the leaders of terrorist organizations
  • Depictions of the slogans, images, flags, or icons of terrorist organizations
  • Recruiting membership for a terrorist or violent organization, or encouraging others to leave Roblox to find such information
  • Fundraising for terrorist or extremist organizations, people, or groups

Terms of Service.

These 2 games contain the twin towers, and they’re fine

I never said it will get you moderated, I simply suggested against it. You can do what you want, I gave my advice.

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Thanks, but arent those games a proof / example that you can still have games with the twins?