Can we create a logo based on another image?

Hi thanks for reading my topic! I am quite confused in this world of copyright and really need help from you! Me and my friend are working on a logo for our group, and my friend has already finished painting the logo. Only problem:
I only found out today that he used a different image as a base to paint our logo and this image comes from Game of Thrones (My friend was looking for the document and I thought that he had read the copyright part first)(Link: Get a Closer Look at the Red Keep Dragon Skulls — Making Game of Thrones):

And this is what we did:

I tried to find the Tearm of Service, but I can’t find any of them. I can’t find anything about copyright either, but I’m sure there is one, only I’m looking for it on the wrong page. Since I am so confused, could one of you help me? So, may we use it or not (Why does copyright have to be so hard)?


I think this is 100% legitimate. Feel free to continue. If you are still not sure, make a ticket in



Like he already said, it shouldn’t be a problem as copyright probably won’t even affect you as this is a totally different thing. The only way they could make you a problem is if you used it for a video or a movie as that’s their movie logo or whatever.

Anyways it shouldn’t be a problem coz you also changed the look of it a bit.

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I think to play it safe, you should let the painter know to find something else to be based on. Either you will get striked by a copyright or people will point out that “oh this came from game of thrones”. Not the brightest in Roblox copyright, but just to play it safe, do that.

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I think you could because it is technically a type of fan-art. But maybe try adding something different to it for safety.


Thanks to you all! Now i am sure that we can use this as Logo!


If the image is copyrighted, then no. If not, sure there free to use