Can we discuss topics outside of roblox

So I recently started learning Unity and C#. I know there are other forums for this but I like roblox and its community. So are we allowed to discuss Topics outside of Roblox like having problem in a C# script or just a feedback on a game that is not created in roblox.


You can’t go here right now, but as a regular you could.

But as of now use @sjr04’s answer

No. Use Discord or use other platforms where everyone there knows Unity. You can’t expect a majority amount of users here to know about Unity.


You can ask questions related to roblox, such as synchronizing terrain data with unity and roblox, but not unity alone.

Most of the roblox community here does development on roblox studio and not unity, you can try finding a community somewhere else.

Yeah I found Brackeys a youtuber I watch to learn unity has its own forum based around Unity. Anyways thanks everyone for answering. exists and it’s official. It’s kinda like Unity’s DevForum.


WOW!!! Never knew that exists.