Can we get an area to report texture issues with hats?

I know this sounds absolutely like a small issue to a lot of people but I am not gonna lie I have really bad OCD and seeing these things on the daily actually drives me insane.

You can find some examples of what I am talking about below: (BE WARNED YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO NOT NOTICE THEM AFTER SEEING THEM)


Like I said I know these really arent the big issues, but they also are small and easy fixes and things im sure the community could do the heavy lifting on, after all I imagine it isnt hard to upload a new texture to an item.

I’d love to see some errors others might have found.


The items they make they just change colors i was looking on the catalog and i saw the same hair just different colors like this. I dont know if there rushing or made a mistake hope they fix this soon and look over the catalog to change some stuff.



other side red not black into red

I do agree that it can be kinda ‘annoying’ in a way and I would like to have them fixed. Though I think Roblox might not put in the time to do that especially since some are tiny little spots or dots that people rarely see or can hardly see in game. It would be nice to have them fixed but in my opinion its not needed.

Thanks for showing me this- never going to unsee it now. Definitely a problem but like awesome stated probably not one that will be solved anytime soon.

It’ll probably never be fixed, we can only hope for new hats to not have texture issues.

I’ve noticed countless mesh and texture errors over my years on Roblox. Some small, like little issues where trying to prevent a seam or a small misalignment would be incredibly tricky without major reworking, with others being huge and obvious with ridiculously simple fixes.

Personally it’d be nice to not only have an area to report these fixes, but to offer our own fixes if we’re skilled enough to do so. I’d love to go around and clean up some of the flaws on the many hats that Roblox has released over the years.

As a fun example of my own for this thread, there’s the Shoulder Dev: Cindering. It’s based on Cindering’s avatar, which wears the RSTF. However, it doesn’t have the silver band visible on the actual RSTF, instead sort of just stretching some plain sparkle time material over the entire fedora.

image image


I have not noticed this the designers for these hats and items need to be fixed people don’t want to purchased these items that are have done. Hope they see this and review these unfinished items.

And fix them sooner then ever.

We can make a thread for it but it is pointless to have one unless the relevant team at Roblox is actually interested in receiving these errors, and I don’t know if this team actually has a presence on the developer forum right now. I can forward the request but I would not count on it becoming a very high priority for anyone.


Hey folks,

Thank you for bringing up your concerns in regards to these meshes. When you find these issues we encourage everyone to report them through the official Roblox Support form.

While they are actively receiving these requests, please note that the team has limited bandwidth and needs to balance these alongside other tasks such as creating new content for the catalog, so it might take some time for these items to be addressed.

Developer Relations Team


While I’d love for submitting a report through the contact us page to be the clean and easy solution, I feel there are a few issues which lead to this having some trouble.

With the fact that everything is sent through support, there’s no way for the community to see which items have been reported. We’re left either reporting the item and hoping we’re not just repeating what has been said time and time again, or staying silent and hoping someone else already pointed it out.

Past that, there isn’t really much communication in terms of which way things are going towards a fix. Granted I haven’t gone through support to report any items in some time, the last times I did so were generally “We’ve forwarded it.” and then…? There’s no way to know if it’s on a to-do list, or if it were discarded, or whatever else… Which once again feeds into issue 1, the factor of not knowing whether an item was reported.

Even with both those issues, users are already complaining support has issues at times with more important matters at times. I’d rather not put more stress on the system to use that system as a mailbox. We have sections on the DevForum for things like features and bugs because they’re issues which support wouldn’t be able to do more than forward. Imagine if such a place weren’t there, and all bugs were sent through support emails. It’d make things a lot harder on the user trying to send things through and report back with any updates on their end, on the support team which has to send everything through, and on the members of the Roblox team who could use as much relevant info as they can get to help pinpoint the issues and find fixes.

That and uhh… I’m probably not seeing it but it looks like the only help category which really fits this issue is “Bug Report”? This one’s more of a footnote since I’m not sure how big this is compared to the other issues, but I feel that would cause some issues. At the very least we’d be mixing in “This item has an odd detail.” with something like “Roblox is crashing, due to Error _____” and I’m not sure those two mix very well.

I can understand why these sort of little issues wouldn’t have a thread, due to the time it takes to fix what in some cases may be a negligible little flaw. This is why I’d hope volunteer work would be a possibility for future item fixes. To some users these little issues aren’t worth the time invested in them, but to others like myself I’d be willing to invest work in the items I enjoy to make them look that much better, not only for myself but for others.