Can we have a rule about threads being moved?

tl;dr I am proposing that admins ask for the original posters consent before moving a forum on RbxDev, unless it’s explicitly the wrong forum.

I am proposing a rule to be introduced for the admins here on the forums. Recently a thread of mine was moved without myself being consulted first. Although I appreciate the fact an admin may have thought “this looks like it’s categorized wrong” it should be down to us to select a category, and if we want it moved to explicitly say that.

Perhaps they should say ‘Moved to [To Category]’ in the thread so you know about it. Other then that, your post includes a bunch of steps, so this is more a tutorial (that came from an awesome creation)

It’s definitely a tutorial though. Even the title conveys that.

Can I ask that we focus less on said example, and more on the point I am getting across. If we’ve posted our thread on the forum, we should have posted it there for a specific reason. The admins should not be overriding our judgement here on this forum unless it’s an obvious mistake on our part.

Seems to me it’s an obvious mistake on your part.

The entire point of having forum moderators and administrators is for resolving issues like these. The board categories are set up as such that the content within them should match the the presumed content proposed by the title.

If an administrator wishes to move one topic to a different board more suitable for it’s content, they have every right too and the Original Poster ought to understand why that move was made.

Assuming original posters all wanted to conform to the categories laid out your idea may make some sense, even if it would slow down administration. However not all original posters do commit to posting their topics in the right place, sometimes on accident sometimes in hopes of directing higher traffic numbers. Let the admins do their jobs.