Can you activate :FireAllClients without it effecting a specific player?


I was developing this new game called “High Octane” and I was added this ultimate called “Time stop”. What it does is that everyone in the game cannot move except the player who activated it. Does anyone know a way you can activate :FireAllClients without effecting the player that activated it?

Option A: Pass the player as an argument, and check on the client if the client is said player.
Option B: Get a list of all players except the excluded one, then fire individually for each player in the list.

This functionality doesn’t exist as part of FireAllClients. You are going to need to fire the other clients individually instead.

local function FireOtherClients(Event,PlayerToIgnore,...)
	for _,Player in pairs(game.Players:GetPlayers()) do
		if Player ~= PlayerToIgnore then

With the code above, it takes an event to fire, the player to ignore, and any additional arguments as .... It goes through every players and fires the event if the player in the loop doesn’t match the player to ignore.

You can’t :FireAllClients excluding some players, afaik. Follow the instructions that @TheNexusAvenger gave you, that should work correctly with what you want to do.