Can you add an ignore list to ProximityPrompt's RequireLineOfSight?

Sometimes when an NPC in my game dies, they will fall and cover an object with a proximity prompt, thus keeping it from appearing. This is definitely a problem considering it is guaranteed to softlock the players.

My idea is to implement an ignoreList. So that when the game is find lineOfSight, it doesn’t consider NPC bodies as blocking anything. It doesn’t look like there’s an easy way to do this, so I guess the answer is to code my own interaction system aka copying the ProximityPrompt scripts and adding a variable for ignore lists. Does anyone have past experience doing this or more convenient solutions on hand?

Wouldn’t it be easier to just cleanup the NPCs periodically?

Yes, but I’d prefer to keep the bodies there for the entire game to preserve realism.

having a similar issue with players blocking proximity prompts from everyone

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