Can you allow Xbox users to chat via predefined messages?

I made a custom chat just for this occasion; both PC and Mobile have filters (Via TextService), and I added a method of communication for Xbox One players. They can read and see other’s messages, but cannot chat freely. They have to choose from a list of predefined messages, as I’ve seen other streamlined (non-ROBLOX) games do. Here’s the exact list of messages, if anybody was wondering:

  • “Hello!”
  • “Hi!”
  • “Hey!”
  • “Hello, everybody!”
  • “Hey everybody!”
  • “Bye!”
  • “Gtg!”
  • “Seeya later, I got to go!”
  • “Cya next time”
  • “See you people later.”
  • “Nice job!”
  • “You got me, nice.”
  • “You are better than me!”
  • “How are you so good?”
  • “:)”
  • “:(”
  • “:|”
  • “:D”
  • “:o”
  • “:O”
  • “XD”
  • “o-o”
  • “0-0”
  • “-_-”
  • -
  • “·-·”

I’d like to know not only if this form of Xbox One chat is against rules on ROBLOX, but if I need more predefined chats if it is allowed.

EDIT: The place/game in question is here:



It should be allowed, as long as there isn’t anything inappropriate.

This is basically the old-school safe chat, so I’m more than sure it’s allowed, and like Coldshot said, as long as you can’t say anything inappropriate

Yes, that’s allowed. However, you’re going to want to run each of those chat messages through the filter each time. While it may seem redundant, it’s so Roblox won’t catch your games on any technicalities.

Letting you know that I changed the title of your thread, since “this” is unclear. Ideally your titles should get the point across right away without having to open the thread - current title is immediately clear what you want to accomplish and the post provides context.