Can You Feedback My Wooden House?

Can you feedback my wooden house its very basic
part count:524

What should i add?


You might try to start building in Bloxburg first to get some artistic fundamentals and basis first.
Or you can try to replicate some studio building tutorial videos.


Add a door and make non-free model trees. That alone is a decent start

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add door? i added it already wdym

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Its basically impossible to see the door. Its almost the exact same color as the walls. I almost didnt even see it myself.


The windows look too close to the door and make the house a little less wide if possible.

Please enable shadows (just for curiosity). Also, I would like to see the interior of it, unless it’s for exterior decoration only.

Try looking up images of wooden houses, or houses in general.

As noted by others, the door is very hard to see from a distance, the windows seem very close to the door,there should be some sort of foundation (the door should not sit directly on the ground), the path looks very ‘stuck on as an afterthought’, and the roof should overhang all sides and ends of the building so rain is kept away from the walls.