Can you get fined for this?

So I am working for a person to build a game. And my boss keeps adding music that’s like Gwen Stefani. Will this get her in trouble or fined? (Also sorry if this is the wrong place I think this sounds like the right catagory but if its not please just kindly tell me and I will move it)

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Ok, well, the worst that will happen is your audio gets deleted, and you’ll have to use other music, and this will only happen if Gwen Stefani has copyrighted her songs or the audio is inappropriate.


To add to what @AwakenedElemental said, if you want to use those songs you’ll need evidence of an agreement with the owner which shows you have permission to do so, else Roblox are fully entitled to take the song down, moderate the game owner’s account and not give you a refund.