Can you give me feedbacks for my new game:

Battle - Roblox

If you have any idea to improved my game let me know! the game is new so there’s going to be bugs!

Hi, so I played the game for a bit and here is what I noticed:

  • The loading screen is a fm and is off centre and the tips are weird
  • There are 2 inventory bar things which I will show below
  • No use in having the time/day on top
  • GUI’s look out of place cause they don’t really match
  • Make a lobby and a rounds system kinda like arsenal but you will have a lobby instead of a menu screen
  • Lighting is off, should not be this blury
  • Change the entire look of the settings GUI
  • Idk why you have kohls admin but I don’t recommend using it at all
  • Very blocky, I recommend learning to use blender or just making your walls/doors thinner and more detailed in studio
  • Make a shop and money system
  • Just look at arsenal and use a lot of their systems but make it your own by creating a different story or player goal