Can you help me find the roblox resource scripts?

Update. Has assisted with updating these notes; The error is because I didn’t have any request (Not requests for scripts.) so the topic would look empty even though it’s designed for you to help and get you feedback.

Do you know where to find all Robux Scripts? You might have some yourself.
Problem. I forgot where the roblox resources (API references not resources, get them now here: were.

You can view in my spoiler the useful methods I haven’t contrabanded in my normal cares.

To define score name, menu script, menu GUI skin
You can notify this foundation through any composition you have and it’s required that you have atleast a single script that can be used like the 5 specifications that are displayed here. An instruction promises that’s how it’s supposed to function properly.

Instruction 1. Define specific primary scripts such as quantity stats scripts or score storages scripts (Currency). Keep specifications mellow and correct. Your script does not require that it be displayed separately; The only goal is to assist the important goal until there’s only the best featured in this foundational retrieval.

Instruction 2. Define extension scripts separately and how it . Display the script’s extension that enables it’s display in the local player ROBLOX client preview GUI, the chat

Instruction 3. Define pets and toys that are attached to you or follows you. Display the scripts and it’s compatibility to the objects

Instruction 4. Define any solutions that you have used before. If you found any possible solutions that you found to be successful then you can further define it here if it’s components can be used as a toy menu or toy object, pet script, attached pet script, mesh or object attacher script, multi-tasked scoreboard script, mechanical mimics such as blocks that slides, slide turn or rotate using the arrow keys or ASWD keys and mesh calling features such as projectile that throws itself how perfectly or fires itself or bounces and calls after a specified time.

Useful formatting tip {Script information x Displayed script = Useful composition}

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Surveys said “Do you like mini tank games?”
I’m making one by the way; It will have multi turret features.

Hey there!

Firstly, welcome to the DevForums.

Let’s make sure it’s seen right. It may not be most appropriate to use #help-and-feedback:scripting-support, as per the About Scripting Support it says

Please do not ask people to write entire scripts or design entire systems for you.

If that describes your post, I would highly suggest visiting #collaboration:recruitment and posting there.

It wasn’t a request, it’s similar to providing donation options to users; Rather begging for material. I’ve stated what a member can do on this Help and Feedback passage.

Help and Feedback is similar to the Gentlemen’s Club which grants a member the privileges to get reputational newspaper fame and sportsmen scores.

I apologize if these frequent edits notified your account, watching isn’t good.

Your post is very unclear and difficult to read, I would suggest refining it to make your aims more clear, or clarifying in a reply.

After reading your replies, it seems like you’re maybe trying to make a guide explaining what/how members can use Help and Feedback? If so, this isn’t the category for that; sorry.

If you’re asking for people to write scripts for you, you aren’t allowed to do that here.

I’d strongly suggest trying to ease down the formality as it makes your post really hard to read and understand. Thanks!

P.S. Putting a ! at the start of your title does nothing and will probably get your post marked as spam.

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I apologize but I do not abide any ideas that there were any errors found in my notes.
If I’m not requesting* “asking” then these notes are instructing on how to do it (script) in this help and feedback note.

My composition is lazy.

As said, it would be appreciated if you toned down the formality and spoke casually.

From my understanding, you are instructing people how to write a script?

If you’re instructing people how to write a script for you: Sorry, that’s considered asking people to write scripts for you

If you’re instructing people how to write scripts generally, that’s better suited for #resources:community-tutorials

I strongly suggest taking a read at the forum rules and the categories’ about posts. If you have any questions about the Developer Forum, you can always contact a Community Sage or ask in #forum-feedback.

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You don’t need words to instruct either.

Is this post meant to teach something or are you asking for support with scripting? If you are trying to teach something then you should find the right category for that…

I contrabanded asking for things.
Your scripts can help and bring feedback and it can flourish prosperously, that’s all.
I’m not a teacher, instructions aren’t defined as incompatible to any notes, they’re just a side feature if there were any primaries you’re trying to consider as found in these notes.
*Instructions are not equals to teaching which is except always the absolute correction/proof which are correct everytime.

I am extremely confused. What do you want to achieve? :male_detective:

I don’t think he knows the answer to that question himself.

I want to prosper too.
I like cartoon about tanks (Series), so I will make a Roblox server that’s like that.

It seems the post was updated asking for useful developer resources? Still confused on what the other part of the post is even about though. Anyway, you can find resources here on the dev forum or on the developer hub:


You have been muted by the way, because I don’t like your particularities (x) I’d contraband in my normal cares. I’m also muting any more similar patterns.
They changed it, I can’t find the scripts they had however it might be there. Found some here. And yes, that you are too (x). I always knew that there were some unknowing hollowness left to be confused for (x).
NOTE - AlvinBlox uses terms like calls with his scripts. Be a fan too on

I perfectly forgot about the default format you get before you start a topic in my notes, I deleted it.
No wonder it confused minds so often. Now it’s perfect.