Can You help me fix GetPropertyChangedSignal problem?


I have a problem with GetPropertyChangedSignal() while I am trying to get some Int Values updated.
The problem is that I don’t get the text updated. I think it is because the GetPropertyChangedSignal() is called in a Local Script from a Server Script with a Remote Function.

I don’t get any errors at all. I tried some debugging and I don’t get anything passing through the property changed, even that the Int Value is Changing. If I put that function in a Local Script I get the value changed, but I want to do it remotely.

Any suggestions for this kind of problem?

local function updateIntValues(player, name)

	for _, updateStats in pairs(player:FindFirstChild("Inventory"):GetChildren()) do


			if updateStats.Value == name then
				game.Workspace.Folder:FindFirstChild(player.Name)[name].Status.Capacity.Text = updateStats.BackPack.Value.." / "..updateStats.MaxCap.Value



game.ReplicatedStorage:FindFirstChild("ChangeIntValue").OnServerInvoke = updateIntValues

Instead of GetPropertyChangedSignal, try using .Changed.

On another note, why do you need the server to invoke the client to change inventory values? Can’t you do it on the server, which has it replicate to the client?

I managed to fix the error. It was some parameter issue on the client side :slight_smile: