Can you load assets from other players?

So let’s say i want to load a ModuleScript from the Roblox library from a other player. Is that possible? If yes, how?
Edit: and is it possible while in game?


if they allow copying or its free then you can take a copy and put it in your own game

as for just loading something into your game using insertservice i’m not sure

If you want to load a modulescript, just use require, passing in the id of the module asset.

So say the id is 10, just do

local module = require(10)

As for other assets such as models, don’t think there would be a way to do so unless you own the asset since you can only load assets made by you or Roblox, unless they are avatar accessories (shirts, pants, etc)

Yea, you can require external modules and load assets during the game

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